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Brad Davis – TX Grammy Award winning musician!
Monster Guitar instructor Lance Allen is one of your best bets when it comes to learning exactly what you want to know about how to play the guitar. From finger style to using a flatpick, he will get you on the right track and has the right amount of patience and enthusiasm to charge you up while your taking your lesson. Guitar students, you can’t go wrong with Guitar instructor Lance Allen Grammy Award Winner Brad Davis
Rich G. – Northern KY
I took Skype lessons from Lance. First off, Skype guitar lessons are excellent. It was just like being in the studio with Lance. I could see what he was demonstrating and he could see what and how I played. Regarding Lance’s lessons, he is a very patient instructor, knows his stuff, and knows how to teach it. I would encourage anyone who is considering lessons to sign up with Lance, no matter what your skill level as Lance can tailor his lessons to meet your needs and desires. Highly recommend Lance for guitar lessons! R. Gire Kentucky
Rob Calk – TN
Lance has made the experience of learning to play the mandolin a blast. Not having any past experience with playing a stringed instrument Lance has put together a learning experience for me that is simple and enjoyable. His motto to me is to smile and realize that God enjoys being celebrated with song! Thanks for your patience Lance!!
Gina Mendello – Nashville TN Tommy Emmanuel’s Manager
Lance has been working hard at guitar for years. He will teach you commitment and diligence.
John Greer – Mt Juliet TN
Lance is great when meeting you where you one in playing. He is a developed musician that can help any age either get started playing or tone up your skills. YOu can not go wrong with Lance. Great guy, with a great personality!
Jeff Feldman – San Fransisco, CA Creative Spark Guitar
Lance is a fantastic teacher and musician who tailors material to each student’s interests and skill level. After just a couple of months, I’m playing songs I never thought I’d be able to!
Bo Hee Song – Chino Hills, CA
He tabbed out my favorite song fingerstyle, I was skeptical at first but now he is and I am here to stay. Just knows how to teach, and his assignments are fun second to none. I am making progress well and highly recommend him.
Shaoduo Xie – Beijing, China
I had skype lessons tutored by LanceGuitar skype student china
(because I’m in Beijing and we are a Pacific and
a half America away) to learn some
of his fingerstyle songs. His video helped me a lot to enjoy his songs. Now I can
play Dead Weather, Sweet life. His music is fresh and
joyful for playing (after you have learned it of course…).
Beth – Versailles, IN
I live in a small town without access to fingerstyle guitar instruction. I found Lance offering skype guitar lessons online and decided to give it a try. I have been working with Lance for several months now and have been very pleased with his lessons. He is incredibly knowledgeable and patient. He keeps things interesting, fun and is very flexible. If you want to move your playing to the next level, this is a very user friendly way to do it. I definitely look forward to my Wednesday morning coffee and guitar lesson with Lance!
 Chuck Thompson – NASHVILLE, TN
I am an old dog learning new tricks from Lance. I have been playing for decades and this young man is an incredible talent as well as a great teacher. He has an ability to shape a lesson in the direction that most helps the student. On the performance front, I believe this is an artist to watch.
Paul  – Skype Student FLORIDA
Lance is a great fingerstyle player, that’s how I found his website and became a skype student. I’ve found he’s also a great teacher. I like that he’s flexible and works with me as an individual. I also like that he listens closely to my playing, finding the rough spots for me to work on. He’s very nice guy too!
Lance is a great teacher and fantastic player! No matter what level player you are he can help add new techniques and dimension to your playing. Great job man!
Lance is a master guitar instructor and a renown finger-style guitarist. I felt it was an honor that someone of his caliber and ability would have the time and patience to teach me. It’s not easy to learn the guitar as an adult, but I love taking lessons from Lance because he breaks it down into small bites that anyone can chew–even me!! Lance, you’re the greatest. Thank you for all you do.
Jonathan – SMYRNA, TN
Hey Lance is a good guitarist, and a fun teacher. You’ll love taking lessons with him!
Katie – SMYRNA, TN
Great player AND instructor. I had the honor of working with him once. Students always requested him as their instructor. That’s gotta tell you something!
I was terrified to start learning to play the guitar as an adult. However, Lance made me feel comfortable from the start. He is very knowledgeable and most importantly, patient. I truly enjoy my lessons with him!
Larry C. – SMYRNA, TN
Lance is a very knowledgeable and patient instructor. He is skilled at adjusting to meet the needs of his students. I really enjoy working with him.
I’ve really enjoyed my lessons with Lance. His skills at teaching are second to none, and he has a wonderful sense of humor that I enjoy! I would highly recommend Lance to all who are looking for a way to learn how to play.
Andrea – SMYRNA, TN
My son began lessons a few months ago. I feel like he is doing very well. Lance is a very patient teacher and works great with my nine year old. I am very pleased with his style and method of teaching. He is a very talented musician.
Mariah – SMYRNA, TN
Lance made my 7-yr old feel comfortable right away. He made me comfortable, too, by allowing me to stay for the lessons and see how she was progressing and know what was expected of her for practice. He made learning music notes, chording and rythym simple for a complete beginner. The required material was appropriate and actually a lot of fun. She loves playing along with the CD

As an adult learner, I have found that Lance is great at finding where your starting skill level is, and then working with you individually. He does not create cookie cutter lessons. I look forward to lessons every week, and my skills are growing significantly. Highly recommended!

Lance is teaching my child to play Ukulele…she is really enjoying it. Lance is a great teacher!
Iavor – SMYRNA, TN
My daughter has been taking lessons from Lance for the last few months and he is doing a great job.
Great player but a also a great teacher. I connected with him over Skype to get over a plateau which he helped me with. In the process, my two sons took lessons and enjoyed it equally. I highly recommend!
Jason Waggoner – Los Angeles, California
Lance brings guitar expertise, a patient relaxed style, and the convenience of taking lessons via skype and puts it all together in the perfect package. Having Lance available to me on-line is great! It is perfect for my busy schedule and the fact that I can record and review the lesson later is incredibly valuable. I highly recommend Lance to anyone wanting to improve and advance their guitar playing no matter what the style.
Lance is an incredibly talented guitarist and fantastic instructor. My son has made great progress under his direction. The best thing is that the students have some input on what they are interested in learning so it makes it fun and interesting…which keeps them engaged, while they learn the basics which is also very important. I would highly recommend Lance for guitar instruction from the very beginning guitar players to those seeking a more advanced type of lesson. The fact that lessons can be taken in so many ways makes it convenient as well.
George Giannaris– Long Island, NY
I am sure that Lance is an exceptional instructor in person; however, I take lessons with him online through skype. I have been doing so for about a year. I cannot imagine a better way to learn. Not only do I have Lance’s amazing expertise in New York when he is Nashville, I get to tape each lesson. How many times have you wished that you could review a guitar lesson later on that week when your practicing? Lance is top notch.
Grady – SMYRNA, TN
Lance is a Great Instructor. He makes guitar lessons fun and easy. His style of teaching revolves around the student; he is able to focus in on the individual style and needs of the student. I have been learning from Lance for just two months and he is awesome.
Jacob – SMYRNA, TN
Lance is for sure the best! I’ve been taking lessons with this guy for a long time, both guitar and mandolin lessons, and he has been absolutely the best. Lance makes learning how to play extremely easy, as well as fun. He can teach virtually any style of guitar and he’s extremely proficient in all of them. Just take a listen to some of his fingerstyle guitar recordings and you’ll instantly realize how amazing this guitarist is. Lance can not only get one started playing an instrument but can build upon one’s musical knowledge of the instrument and make them a much better musician. You won’t regret signing up with Lance. Lance is an awesome guy as well as an awesome teacher!
Daniel – SMYRNA, TN
lance is tops! his ability to play any style the student requests is priceless, a few months ago i started online lessons w/lance and i live in ukiah califorina so it is just like i’m sitting in the studio with him way kool!!!!
Michael – SMYRNA, TN
Lance is a very kind and patient teacher who is adept at quickly analyzing where a student is at, listening to what they want, and formulating a course to get them there. Some teachers, while quite skilled, can be intimidating to a student without realizing it. This is not the case with Lance. He has mastered the art of making what he does appropriate for the age/playing level of the student, tailoring the instruction to their precise need and in the proper dosage. I highly recommend this excellent player/coach!
Allen – SMYRNA, TN
I’m a little older than your average guitar student and had been reluctant to sign up for lessons. I decided to take the plunge and feel it out. Lance made me feel very comfortable and never made me feel awkward. He’s a very easy going teacher and very unlike some of the more pretentious musicians I’ve come across in Nashville. He’s also a helluva player.

Best ukulele Teach ever

Rachel Pearl – NASHVILLE, TN
Lance has a great attitude and puts you at ease.
He’s helped me a great deal with arrangements and
learning to play both guitar and ukulele.
He truly is quite accomplished and I will hire
him again and again!
Grant Batson – NASHVILLE, TN
Lance is extremely proficient in so many styles of guitar playing and I highly recommend him as a teacher to anyone, no matter your age or your skill level.

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