Great Gig with Kyle Jones at Kalamata’s in Green Hills

I just wanted to tell you about my gig at Kalamata’s in Green Hills this past weekend.

Kyle Jones was as always fun to play with.We did a number of tunes as well as improvising. I used my new Bose speaker system and it sounded fantastic in the small restaurant.

I played Beach Boys, Beatles, Bobby McFerrin, Stevie Wonder, originals, One Direction, Police, and many more artists you may be familiar with. Kyle used his new Korg Wave Drum Oriental. It had a lot of interesting percussion sounds in it.

Come to find out that Kyle has played with many people. One of them is one of my personal guitar heroes, Phil Keaggy. Here’s there latest CD called Numen. It’s a great CD to listen to and it’s almost like a movie track to your life, especially as you drive down the road. Please go and buy it from itunes or click here to purchase from CD baby

Here’s Kyle Jamming out.

I did some video using my Zoom Q3HD video camera, but we talked too much and didn’t get any really good tracks. Maybe next time in a video studio.

It’s an honor and I’m very flattered that Kyle chooses me to play at some gigs with him, because he’s played with some of the greatest guitarist around and toured with some major people. Janet Jackson, Phil Keaggy, Byron House, Rick Vito, Robert Plant, Ricky Skaggs, just to name a few.

Feel free to check Kyle out here. I don’t believe he has an official website, but you can learn about him at his World Music Nashville profile.