Gerber Guitars

I’m a big guitar fan! And I love seeing the handmade ones. I can appreciate the time, design, and heart that goes into building a wonderful instrument. In the same way I try to put that into the songs that I construct

There are many builders of fine handmade acoustic guitar that I love. Too many to list… But you see me post about them from time to time.  Last night I got to spend an evening with Gerber guitars and the builder Ryan Gerber.

You can check them out on facebook too! Gerber Guitars Facebook

The guitars are wonderfully crafted and inspired by top guitar builders.

I played specifically 3 guitars which will be available at Guitar Gallery soon

Guitar number one was striking. It had a beautiful African Black wood back and sides, Engleman spruce top and Curly walnut binding. This one stuck out with it’s interesting sound port on the side. The guitar also comes with a well designed port cover, which you can cover the port if you desire. You can see the port on the side here in picture one. The nice thing about having a port, is you can hear a lot of sound from a players perspective. Another accessory that this guitar comes with is what Ryan calls a sound paddle. It basically fits inside the guitar and covers the sound hole. With this option you can benefit nearly 100% from the side sound port. So you can have your own options tone here with this particular guitar.

African blackwood with ports

Guitar number 2 was similar with an interesting Wenge back and sides.

The Gerber guitar headstock is nice! Very minimal and clean lines and nicely inlaid. Those Tuners are also very slick looking tuners Gotoh 410 tuning machines.


This is a florentine cutaway on a Redwood guitar.

Florentine Cutaway

The 3rd guitar played was The redwood guitar. This one had a very special Peruvian Walnut neck, with bloodwood binding. It also sported the Wenge back and sides


Ryan is an impressive builder, and new friend. I look forward to seeing more guitars from him.