More Advanced Strum Patterns

Now that you’ve learned a simple strum pattern, lets do a couple of patterns that have a little bit of syncopation.

Watch the Video and get the idea! 🙂

First strum is a Country type strum

Bass down up

Bass is a down stroke on the bass note of the chord. Ex G has a bass note on the 6th string so that is the note that you would hit.

Second strum is

↓  ↓↑   ↑    ↓↑

1       2 &         &         4   &   repeat


The last strum of the video goes like this

↓  ↓↑ ↓ ↓↑ ↓↑ ↓↑ ↓↑ ↓↑

1       & a    2   &  a     3  i    &  a    4  i    &   a



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