Holding a pick.

There are several comfortable ways to hold the Plectrum, or pick, as we so call it. The best and practical way is to hold with your thumb and first finger.

I tell my students to pretend to hold a pistol and cock your first finger on the imaginary trigger. DON’T POINT THAT THING AT ME!!! lol

Then place the standard pick on finger, then your thumb grabs it. The point of the pick should point towards the guitar.

Hold your other fingers in.  Sometimes they can be placed outward when using certain picking techniques, but we’ll get into that at a later point.

Also I get a lot of questions about what sort of pick to get.

There are 1000’s f different kinds of picks, and they all come in different size thicknesses.

Get some that are comfortable to you and collect them if you wish. I have 100’s of different picks.

It’s always good to go for a medium sized plectrum if you’re just starting out. That’s usually measured at .72 or so.

Here are some ideas of picks that I suggest.

Here are some Thumbpicks that I suggest as well.


If you’re really into thumbpicking I highly recommend the BlueChip Thumbpick.

These are the best on the market and I use one. CLICK HERE

A more cost effective, yet excellent quality pick it FRED KELLY Thumbpicks.


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