Get to know your guitar

So you got a guitar, let’s get to know the parts and etc.

There are several types of guitars:

  • Steel String Acoustic Guitar

acoustic guitar

Acoustic Guitars are great! I love acoustic guitars and basically acoustic means just that. You don’t plug it in  to some loud amplifier. It’s great to take with you anywhere and all you really need is a guitar pick. You can pick up an acoustic and take it to the park, to the woods, on top of the house! It is made of wood, sometimes solid, and sometimes laminated. Solid wood guitars are more expensive, but sound better. Acoustic guitars don’t like heat by the way, so it’s always good to have a humidifier.


  • Classical Guitar

A classical guitar is a type of acoustic guitar. This one has nylon strings on it, as compared to it’s steel string, louder brother.  The Classical guitar is well known as a finger picking guitar. NO PICKS ALLOWED. Ha! You can use a pick with it, but most people that learn on a classical, use their fingers. It’s good for that because the spacing between the strings is wider and you can get your fingers in there a bit easier. Plus, if you don’t like the sting of steel strings on your fingertips, the nylon string guitar is a little more healthy to your fingertips.

  • Electric guitar

You’ve always wanted to rock out with your socks out, right?? lol The electric guitar is just for that. It has combination of magnetic pickups. The pick-ups offer different tones, which are portrayed via an amplifier. This is a great way to get started on guitar because most people or even youngsters see themselves rocking out and playing like Slash or Jimi Hendrix, or something like that!

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