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These are Lance Allen studio students and how well they are doing at learning different things. Songs will be posted and videos.

Skype Lessons today

So you know now that I teach skype all over! On Thursdays  I teach in St. Louis, and Henryville, Indiana.

My student, Steve in St Louis, has been learning some really cool stuff lately. He’s been taking lessons for a while now and has improved greatly! So much that he is even gigging and singing at a Wine Bar. Now that’s cool! We’ve learned some Paul Simon, John Mayer, Cat Stevens, and Plain White Tees, plus lots of scales and techniques that he’ll be using.

Turn the compass, now we’re in Indiana with my new friend, Larry! Larry is an engineer, and he loves the fingerstyle guitar music of Chet Atkins, Tommy Emmanuel, and Jerry Reed. He was a referral from Eddie Pennington. Eddie is a great guitarist himself who has been an influential part in keeping the art of thumbstyle guitar alive. Back to Larry… I have been teaching him how to play Tommy Emmanuel’s “The Man With The Green Thumb” by Tommy Emmanuel. So far so good. Keep up the good work Larry!

If you’re interested in doing skype guitar lessons with me, email me. If you play a little but want to get better, too busy to go to a music store or studio to take lessons, then I may be a compatible fit for you and the best of it all is you can take lessons from your home or office. I’ve helped lots of professional people get better on the guitar!, or fill out this form.

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Hanging at Lance Allen Studio

Hey Guys! Just got in from doing stuff, now I have a handful of students! I love teaching! Today I have a ukulele student that is really really good and the her brother is doing great as well. He’s a lefty and is playing some really cool stuff, by the Newsboys, and then we’ve been working on Eye of the Tiger.

Then another student and another student and another student and another student.

Videoing students today

So I videod a couple of my students today. Not only is it a great way to market my business, but it is an excellent way to get the student motivated!

This is of a 9yr Old playing really great and working hard on strumming and chord changing.

This one is of a younger girl who is playing single notes really well!

This is one of my ukulele students busting out some bad chops on Oh my darlin Clemetine.