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New Takamine EF340S TT (Thermal Top) torrefied

Hey Everyone and welcome back to a new blogpost about an interesting guitar.

Here we have the new 2015/2016 Takamine EF340S TT. This is an outstanding guitar. It has a torrefied top which I explain in the the video below. It will soon be available at Sweetwater (Tell them I sent ya!) This guitar reminds me of the Golden era Martins from the 40s. It has a rich open tone to it and is loud! Bluegrassers will love it!

Here’s some info from the Takamine Site about this guitar.

The quick response, balance and projection ordinarily found in a well-played vintage instrument is yours right out of the case with the EF340S-TT. A solid spruce ‘Thermal Top’ drives solid American mahogany back and sides on this traditional non-cutaway dreadnought. Faux tortoise shell binding and pick guard, open gear butterbean tuners and understated ‘T’ logo appropriately accentuate the vintage sound of this killer instrument. The vintage look, feel and sound of this hand crafted instrument must be experienced to be believed. Factor in the world renowned Takamine ‘Palathetic’ pickup and the organic transparency of the new low profile, high performance TLD-2 line driver preamp, and you have the absolute best of all acoustic guitar worlds. – See more at:

Top Solid Thermal Top

Back Solid American Mahogany

Sides Solid American Mahogany

Neck Mahogany Finger Board Ebony

Electronics TLD-2

Finish Gloss Natural – Polyurethane

Tuners are Gotoh Matte finish open gear tuners.

Dreadnought style guitar.

Here’s some pics up close that you typically don’t see in the sites and etc.


Strap button is chrome and has felt protector against wood


A classic Takamine T in Maple inlay. Bone Nut Rosewood veneer on headstock


Tortoise shell style binding all around edges for binding. Beautiful mahogany back and sides


This is tight grain. The orange older look is from the torrefying process.


This is the rosette, and you can see that the battery is eat access 9V.


Nice Mahogany Back with 3D visual!


Vintage style open back Gotoh Tuners!

My New Stonebridge Guitar G23CM-C

Hey everyone. I just joined the family of artists with Stonebridge Guitars. If you’re an artist and interested, let me know and I can put you in touch with their artist relations guy, Luke.

I’m very pleased with it and you’ll be seeing it in my youtube videos and performances on many occasions. It’s a beautiful Grand Auditorium guitar with cedar top and mahogany back and sides.  The resonance on it is stunning! I love the smell of the cedar as you bring it out of the case.  I see this guitar already inspiring new music.



For Sale!!

Hey there everyone. I’m selling a few things and thought I’d share with you, in case one of you may be interested.

Takamine TF740FS is a wonderful guitar.

Here’s the Reverb listings, however you can deal with me directly if you’re interested in purchasing.  I just didn’t want to repeat my listings

Price is $1600. It’s in excellent condition and plays wonderfully.


Also there are a couple of Ovations that I have setting around.

Both in mint new condition.

Ovation 2077AX-CCB $750 obo

Please email or Phone if you’re interested. Will only ship to continental US. of 615-414-2507




Kansas Town tablature

Here.. take a listen while you read.

The moment some of you have been waiting for. 🙂 Which is a good thing I’ve been busy.

My song, “Kansas Town” has been getting 10,000 plays a day on spotify! How awesome! Would love to see it hit a million before my birthday on Nov 29th. wink wink.. listen away.

It was written by my father (Dan Allen) and I. We made our first trip together ever in 2009 to Kansas.  Long story short, my parents divorced early on and I only visited dad every other weekend or so. We didn’t do much traveling. Making this trip to Kansas was a big deal. It was my first try at competing at the International Fingerstyle Guitar contest in Winfield. That year I played well and made it to the top 5! My dad was really proud. I recently got 3rd place if you recall. 🙂 Great memories indeed as my father passed away quickly the following year with terminal pancreatic cancer. Lyric are written below. My father and I were the cowboys adventuring in a new place.

One day, I hope to see this song in a movie with strings of an orchestra!

Here’s the tab for $5. It’s like you’re buying me a cup of delicious coffee, or perhaps a craft beer, or a toy for one of my kiddos. I really do appreciate all your support.
Buy Now$5.00 Kansas Town tablature

I also have a new store setup to where you can buy my cd’s and give donations. Looks pretty slick.

Lance Allen Store 

Lyrics to the song go like this.


Yesterday morning, I woke up in Winfield, to the sound of a guitar

All else was quiet, the wind stood still, in this Kansas Town.

The train whistle blowing, the milo was growing, I could see for miles

The sky was so blue and I thought of you in this Kansas Town


Kansas Town where the cowboys once roamed,

They saddled their horses and wrote down their songs.

The sky was so blue and I think of you, in this Kansas Town


We came so far, to get so close, time didn’t matter at all.

I gave it my best and saved for the rest, in this Kansas Town


Kansas Town where the cowboys once roamed,

They saddled their horses and sang their songs.

The sky was so blue and I still think of you, in this Kansas Town

Copyright 2009 Lance Allen music

Exciting New Batson Acoustic Guitars

Hey everyone! I hope you find this intriguing as I! Recently my friend and luthier, Cory Batson, set out to build his guitars and make them available to people without the price of a boutique guitar. I helped him get connected with a few folks that has made it happen! And they turned out beautiful! Here’s some video slide show that my wife Twila and I put together. She’s a great photographer and I play guitar well, and we finally put our talents together to come up with something that showcases these guitars. (weddings and what not 🙂 )

The guitars are currently available at Batson Guitars website.

This is the Gypsy model! It is solid cedar and solid Rosewood back and sides, with a beautiful maple bevel. The bevel makes it so comfortable to play.

This is the Americana Model.

Perfect for strumming, percussive elements, and fingerpicking.

I’ve never heard a guitar with such resonance! This sibling has a solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides.

This model is titled Troubador.  Like it’s other siblings, but this guitar has solid spruce and rosewood back and sides.

2015 Winfield International Fingerstyle Guitar Winners

Well folks the winners this year are in! And Guess what???!!!! I’m one of them! lol! 🙂 YES!

2015 Fingerstyle Guitar Winners

1st Place David Youngman

David Was great this year and played flawless arrangements! David is from Michigan and teaches guitar and performs.

Here are the songs that he played that got him the win. He chose the Bourgeois Guitar with Brazilian Rosewood. That’s the one I had my eyes of for sure, but David did it and deserved it! 🙂

First Round –

Stand up Stand up for Jesus

In the Garden

Second Round – Trust and Obey and Wacousta Lodge (David’s original composition)

2nd Place Jack Wilson

Jack is a pop man and played some really fun pop tunes! He is also a guitar teacher up in the Chicago area and I highly recommend him. I’ve learned stuff from him at Winfield. Being 2nd place means you get second choice of the 2 remaining guitar. Jack chose the Larivee Guitar.

1st round – Reeling In The Years, Rock This Town.

2nd Round – Low Rider, Black Magic Woman

3rd Place Lance Allen

I got the beautiful Taylor Guitar! a 914CE and it’s totally awesome!

Taylor 914CE 2015

1st round Little Bit (Original) California Girls

2nd Round Us Together and East Nashville

All 3 of us also got an Elliott Capo that has Walnut Valley inscribed on the side as well as the 44th year of the festival.

Runners up were Keith Taylor and a girl from Japan named Momo Kimura 

I am currently putting together a blog post about how I went to prepare for this contest. This may help other when preparing. I interviewed several previous winners and did some deep research on how to prepare for things such as this. Look out for it in the very near future. It may just help you win or place in a big contest.

2015 Indiana State Fingerstyle Guitar Competition

Indiana State Fingerstyle Guitar contest

Hey Everyone! Just got back from the Indiana State Fingerstyle Guitar competition and thought I’d tell you about it. 🙂 I’ll tell you right off, I didn’t win… 🙁 boo hoo cry wah wah! lol, didn’t even make it to the 2nd round. I think it may have been that I drew number 1 when we were picking for contestant performance order. Oh well. Maybe Winfield! As I’m going this year.

So, Got to Nashville north, as they say, on Friday afternoon and set up for a gig at the Pine Room. I barely got there because of a cancerous tire on my van as I traveled. It was really rough. Thankfully, my friend there and organizer of the event, Chuck Wills, helped me change it.

Kade Puckett, a great fingerpicker opened the show 5-7 and then I went on to pick some.  I played a handful of tunes, including my Beach Boys stuff and Beatles, and some more. Helen Avakian joined the stage with her friend David Irwin. Outside was some cool music happening too by Cari Ray and her band.  It was a good time had by all, and even my friend Maxwell Hughes, from the Lumineers, showed up and played some stuff!

Saturday was the day of the contest! In the morning we drew for our numbers and I got the dreaded number 1.  My plan was to play my song, Us Together and follow up with my strong arrangement of California Girls, by the Beach Boys. I played flawlessly, yet I did not make it to the 2nd round. Oh well next time… que Beck’s song… I’m a loser baby! so why don’t you kill me…. lol just kidding.

The Winners of the contest were:

David Youngman – 1st place winner David took home a fine handmade guitar by OC Bear!

Keith Taylor – 2nd place

Bill Russell – 3rd place

Helen Avakian and Mark Bayer were the two runners up in the top 5

There were 21 contestants and 3-5 judges keeping score.

It’s a great contest and I encourage anyone into fingerstyle guitar to give it a try. There was even a 14 year old kid name Evan Twitty who was great! Even the winner of the Canadian Fingerstyle guitar fest competed, Kevin Blake Goodwin.

On that Sunday I taught 3 workshops for guitarists. One was a fingerstyle for strummers, intro to thumbstyle guitar, and tricks and licks. It was great for me to teach, and because of that opportunity I felt like a winner.

I did learn a new joke while in Indiana. This is my step-ladder. I never knew my real one.  lololol!! 11854086_10208140832145472_1078886432_n