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The Time Jumpers

Twila and I got to finally go see the Time Jumpers in Nashville this Monday. The Time Jumpers is a fantastic Western Swing band consisting of 3 violinist, drums, upright bass, steel guitar, accordion, 3 guitar players, and a female singer. Everyone in the band has a history in the Nashville music scene.

Vince Gill is even a member of the band! Well, it was outstanding evening. I got to see a few friends while there. Pete Huttlinger and his wife, Erin, were both in the crowd. I’m really proud of Pete, who has amazingly recovered from major heart issues in the last year.

I saw and spoke with Andy Reiss, who is a member of the band. We did a gig a long time ago at a fair in Lebanon. It wasn’t the greatest of gigs, but hey it’s all good. I believe Andy played guitar with Reba for a good bit.

I also saw in the crowd Jack Pearson. Jack played guitar for the Allman Brothers and is a fabulous slide guitar player. Make sure that you check all these people out.

Vince Gill Time Jumpers 3rd and Lindsley

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I can teach you music like this and the style of music that the Time Jumpers play.


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Skype Lessons today

So you know now that I teach skype all over! On Thursdays  I teach in St. Louis, and Henryville, Indiana.

My student, Steve in St Louis, has been learning some really cool stuff lately. He’s been taking lessons for a while now and has improved greatly! So much that he is even gigging and singing at a Wine Bar. Now that’s cool! We’ve learned some Paul Simon, John Mayer, Cat Stevens, and Plain White Tees, plus lots of scales and techniques that he’ll be using.

Turn the compass, now we’re in Indiana with my new friend, Larry! Larry is an engineer, and he loves the fingerstyle guitar music of Chet Atkins, Tommy Emmanuel, and Jerry Reed. He was a referral from Eddie Pennington. Eddie is a great guitarist himself who has been an influential part in keeping the art of thumbstyle guitar alive. Back to Larry… I have been teaching him how to play Tommy Emmanuel’s “The Man With The Green Thumb” by Tommy Emmanuel. So far so good. Keep up the good work Larry!

If you’re interested in doing skype guitar lessons with me, email me. If you play a little but want to get better, too busy to go to a music store or studio to take lessons, then I may be a compatible fit for you and the best of it all is you can take lessons from your home or office. I’ve helped lots of professional people get better on the guitar!, or fill out this form.

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Me and new friend/co-guitarist Bill Neale

Meeting Guitarist Bill Neale

As a guitar teacher near Nashville, you get to meet lots of professionals in the music industry. So I set up a meeting at Crema, one of my new favorite coffee houses in Nashville.

I just happened to meet Bill Neale, a mo-town guitarist, who played for numerous bands, but most notably, The Temptations.

Bill gave me some of his history about playing guitar and how he got his start. He was really into mo-town music and hung around enough to get the chance to play with The Temptations, thus landing him a gig, and a lot of future opportunities. As a result of playing with The Temptations, he also had some experience with Jackson 5. I found it interesting that Bill was only 17 when he first started playing professionally.

Imagine taking lessons at 13-14 years old, and then getting a gig with Adele at 18. HOW RIDICULOUS WOULD THAT BE?! Thats how famous and hard working The Temptaions were in their day.

Bill and I hit it off really well and and I told him a lot about my lesson business in Smyrna TN, and how I use skype to teach people all over the world.  He got to meet Mojo, my lovely Takamine Guitar. We’ll be getting together soon at Lance Allen Studio for a jam, and I’ll give him some advice on teaching beginning students and getting people really interested in the guitar.

Bill is also an official Benedetto Guitar Endorser and Product Promoter.

Here is the link to his site.


Bill Neale Guitar Lessons with Lance Allen NAshville, TN

Sorry bout my Hair Folks, I ran out of AX molding paste. 🙂

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Played Wedding at CJ’s off the square

So what a beautiful place to get married. I’ve played at CJ’s off the Square in Franklin, TN  a couple of times now. It has a wonderful garden and gazebo. They’re pavilion is very nice and perfect for outdoor dinner receptions etc.

This venue is perfect for solo guitar or a string quartet.

This particular couple asked me to play John Denver’s song “Annies Song” for when the mothers were seated. It turned out to be a great solo guitar piece.

The evening turned out to be really nice, and the sun popped out just in time.

Wedding Guitarist CJ's off the square Franklin TN









Enjoying a big Thumbs up!

PLaying Guitar wedding cjs off the square




June 2012 Guitar Happenings

So it’s June 2012 already. I’m setting here thinking about what’s happening while enjoying some Roast Inc. Coffee here at home.

  • June 1 Wedding at CJ’s Off the Square in Franklin TN. Playing guitar for ceremony. I came up with a finger style version of John Denver’s Annies Song.
  • I’ll be meeting Bill Neale next week for coffee and guitar talk. Bill played guitar for some famous bands in the 70s. Jackson Five ring a bell? It will be really cool to get to know him and chit chat about guitars.
  • Later in the month I’ll be swinging by Ft. Wayne IN to play at the Sweetwater Gear Fest. That will be June 22-23.  This will be a really neat event and Takamine Guitars hired me to play at there booth and demonstrate guitars. Hey thats a pretty sweet gig!

I’ll post some pictures as a follow up to this post as these things happen. Again, thanks for following!


Takamine Guitarist Lance Allen Top Guitar Instructor


I just have to say it. BlueChip has a great thumbpick, hands down. The tone that is grabbed by the material of the pick is unreal.

Check it out, it’s the best $40 you’ll even spend on a pick.

If you play thumbstyle guitar or banjo, this will be a wonderful addition to your sound. I’ve compared it to all of my other thumbpicks

and it definitely has a tighter frequency response when plucked.

It’s made of a special and expensive material, that is very tricky to work with. Each pick is individually crafted and made.

I’m wanting one of the flat picks now for my mandolin and when I play bluegrassy stuff.

BlueChip Thumbpicks

Thumbpicking guitar lessons


Made in Tennessee, How cool is that? Another reason to buy one!

If you heard it from me, go ahead and tell them! 🙂

Plus the owner, Matthew, is an excellent fellow that cares about his workers and people that use his products!

Some of the players that using his products!

Making Money with QR Codes as a Musician

So I got a new iPhone not long ago and had heard about QR codes. Today I had a bright idea.

I have a gig tomorrow, what can I do different.??

I’m going to create a QR code and link it to my cd’s. Oooooohh Brilliant! So I google QR code creator, or generator and found this one.

I then said to myself, there has got to be a direct link to my music on itunes. and sure enough there was. Easy to find..

So I grabbed my tip jar and printouts and thought of another bright idea!

I have a donation button on my website and thought I could use a QR code for tips as well, using PayPal.

This one was a bit more tricky but I figured it out.

So here is my final thing and tomorrow I put it to the test. I’m playing at a really hip Farmers Market in Franklin TN. So lets see if anyone takes on my 15 minutes of extra work. LETS HOPE SO. 🙂

I will be soon printing out QR code sticker that link back to my site so that people can learn more about guitar lessons.

Arranging Somebody that I Used to Know by Gotye

So I got a tickle to arrange this really cool number one song on billboard. Somebody that I used to know by Gotye.

It has a really cool groove to it and I was able to arrange this in the original key.

Make sure you go and check out Gotye.

 Here’s a link to purchase the single

Here is my arrangement of the tune for fingerstyle guitar

Become a GUITARLANCER fan on youtube!!

Meeting Your Guitar Sage, Erich Andreas! Fun times in Nashville, TN

So I met with a fellow guitar teacher today, Erich Andreas.

He’s kind of a big deal on youtube and well known for teaching song lessons. He has over 85,000 subscribers and continues to grow.

He’s widely known as YourGuitarSage. We have a lot in common and I figured meeting him would be good.

We talked about our careers and what not, and a lot about the youtube business.

It was a good meeting and we hit it off really well.

He gave me some great ideas that I’ll be doing soon that will be fingerstyle oriented, considering that’s what I’m good at.

So be on the look out and check out my new friends website and Youtube stuff. I’m sure you’re seen him on the web already if you’ve tried to learn a song on the guitar.

“Your Guitar Sage”




Two new friends, aahh, how cute lol!

Tab stick ems

So I came up with this neat idea to help improve my guitar lessons. A lot of times I teach beginning students and only need one or two chord stamps, or one row of tablature. I got tired of drawing them out so I came up with a printed out version that peels and sticks to the students note book. It’s white and matte finish so I can write on it nicely.

I thought about calling this tab-tape, but I think calling them stick-ems is more appropriate. I can make bass tab, ukulele chord stamps and there is a potential that I can get these in different colors.

Here’s a video on my little invention and you can see that it is useful.

I may market these, so let me know your feedback, if you may have any.