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Recording High End Acoustic Guitars at Guitar Gallery in Nashville, TN

For 2 years I’ve been occasionally going to the Guitar Gallery in Nashville, TN and recording audio for their website. I’ve gotten to play some really nice guitars that sound great and are wonderful pieces of artwork.

Here’s some of the guitars that I’ve played and recorded on and links to there sites. If you’re in the market for a really nice fine handmade acoustic guitar, then the Guitar Gallery is a great place to go.

Kevin Ryan


Froggy Bottom


R.S. Muth











In this picture I’m playing a smaller body Hoffman.

Guitar Lessons Smyrna TN

Take a tour with this video

Here is one that I played a beautiful guitar!

Was a part of Christmas DVD program to go out to all nursing homes in U.S.

So today I went to Mr Hart’s house and filmed about 5 Christmas songs for one of his upcoming projects.

He puts together a Christmas DVD of live performing musicians that goes out to nursing homes all across America.

Films from the heart

This year he is raising enough funds to have the ability to send this DVD out to all nursing home in America. I think it’s a wonderful ministry and was glad to be a part of it!

This year he will send the DVD to every Nursing Home in the U.S.; around 2 million residents  in all

Some of the the performers include Kevin Williams (lead guitarist for Gaither Vocal Band), Dick Tunney (pianist for Steve Green), Tami Pryce (Grand Ole Opry), Tyler Stephenson (grammy nominated 3 times), Mike Harland, Christi Harper, Jim Cole, Emily Samuelson, Lara Landon and Emi Ferguson (flutist at 911 10 year anniversary in NYC).

If you’re interested in donating to this project, please get in touch with David at

Or by emailing him at

Met in Person 2 skype students in Indiana

I went to Indiana this weekend to compete in the Indiana State Fingerstyle contest.

Two of my skype students live in southern Indiana and I invited them to come. They both did, in fact one of them I stayed at his house and we jammed all evening!

I love my skype students!


This is Ms Roellgen, Who has taken lessons with me for several months now. She is an acupuncture therapist.

She is learning great fingerstyle guitar music and loves the skype lessons, because she basically lives way out in the boonies! 🙂



This is good ole Larry, from Henryville! He is an engineer and owns and operates his own business where he makes really cool stuff for aerospace and government contracts.

I stayed at his place and we jammed the night away and he sure did feed me a nice breakfast! He reminded me a lot of my own dad in a bunch of ways and he was the official guardian of MOJO!

Skype guitar student and teacher Meet for first time!













For more info on guitar lessons in Smyrna TN or on skype, feel free to get in touch.

Lance Allen Studio 661 Fitzhugh Blvd. Suite 105 Smyrna TN 37167






Indiana State Fingerstyle Guitar Competition ~Nashville, IN

I competed at the Indiana State fingerstyle guitar competition, which was great practice for Winfield’s International Contest in September.

I was in the Top 5 of the  total 23 competitors but only as a runner up.

Winners of the Contest were

1st Jack Wilson ~Chicago, IL

2nd Kade Puckett ~Linton, Indiana

3rd Mark Sganga ~ NY City, NY

4th Jonathan Brown and Lance Allen ~ Nashville, TN

This was the first year for the competition and they did a superb job of keeping it flowing and interesting. Everything was organized and they even had a table for the competitors to sell there cd’s, which was a great idea!

The first place prize was a hand made O.C. Bear acoustic guitar. It was really nice at a retail of $4500!!

Second got another guitar and third place received a $100 prize.

The night ended with a wonderful performance by three great artist and fingerstyle guitarist, Muriel Anderson, Pat Kirtley, and Brian Henke.

Kara Barnard, the brains behind the event, did such a nice job and I’ll definitely come again next year with my family!

She owns the little music shop there in Nashville IN  called Weed Patch Music Company

Here are some pictures that I snapped with iPhone while there!

Double Rainbow

Smyrna TN Guitar Lessons

Me and Skype Student, Larry, Hanging out at the concert!

Me and Beth, another Skype student, meeting for first time in person.

Buddy Jimmy DeHeno, who is also an excellent fingerstyle guitarist. Thanks for getting the double at the Brown County INN!

Didn’t realize there was a donate a dollar bin there once I took a picture. Oops didn’t have one…

Did interview with Jamey Tucker of News 2 Technology report

I did a live skype lesson with Jamey Tucker on Sunday evening. This one will be really cool! He fed the skype call video feed to his TV and used that as part of the segment.

WKRN, Nashville News, Nashville Weather and Sports

If anyone is interested in Skype guitar lessons, get in touch, let’s schedule a meet-up and let learn the guitar!

email me

or fill out this contact


Skype guitar Lessons featured on Nashville News channel 4 WSMV

I was interviewed by New Channel 4 WSMV today and was on the 10pm news talking about how I want to teach in all 50 states using skype!

Craig Landschoot did a really great job at capturing this video and interviewing me. Thanks Craig!


For more information on how to get skype lessons with me, just go to contact and email me or surf around on my page!


Lance Allen Skype Lessons featured on Nashville News Channel 5

Tonight I was interviewed and featured on News Channel 5. Really cool and I’m glad to be getting the word out on how cool it is to take lessons with me using Skype.

CLICK HERE for the story.

For more on Skype lessons, click SKYPE GUITAR LESSONS | Nashville News, Weather

Skype Guitar Lessons in all 50 states

So I have this little goal to have taught guitar lessons in all 50 states using skype. I emailed a bunch of music stores in states that I have not taught in, but have had no responses.  I’ve even contacted my local news stations to see if they might be interested in running a story on this method of teaching.
So far I’ve taught in these states.
Tennessee (TN), Texas (TX), Florida (FL), California (CA), New York (NY), Ohio (OH), New Jersey (NJ), Missouri (MO), Nevada (NV), Pennsylvania (PA), Indiana (IN) Oklahoma (OK), Nevada (NV) Rhode Island (RI), Kentucky (KY), South Carolina (SC), Washington (WA), Hawaii (HI), Michigan (MI), Wisconsin (WI), Illinois (IL), Colorado (CO), Utah (UT), Oregon (OR)

Feel free to get in touch with me, even if you live in one of these states, as the next goal is all the major cities in the United States. I’m also looking to teach in foreign countries to those that can afford my rates and communicate in English.

I’m writing this to find students. You don’t have to pay for first lesson, but I encourage you to sign up for a month of four if you desire.
If satisfied, you must be willing to leave a review on my google place and website along with a picture of you holding guitar.
This will serve as proof of my teaching in all 50 states.

I’m a Takamine Clinician/Artist and clinician and promote many products on youtube and website blogs. I’m involved with NAMM and volunteer at WO Smith Music in Nashville, TN.

Help me achieve this goal!

If you subscribe to Retailer Magazine, be on the look out for my article on how to do skype lessons. Should be in the August issue after summer NAMM.

Skype name is guitarlancer

I’ve even tried to get on The Today Show, and with your help I can probably make it happen.

Click here to send them an email.

You can paste in this information in the contact area.

Lance Allen is a guitar teacher using skype to teach people all over the world. check out his site and his goal to teach in all 50 states.


World’s Top Skype Guitar Teacher

Hanging with Mighty Bright Lights Michael Farley at Summer NAMM 2012 Nashville TN

Skype Guitar Teacher


Got to hang with Micheal Farley, no relation to Chris Farley…. 🙂

He is the light man, as I refer to him. We’ve seen each other at Trade shows every time and have become friends.

Micheal found out about me through one of my video lessons that I posted on youtube years ago. It was Here comes the bride. He sent me some of his products like his clip on light, that works great for musicians who read music or charts on a darkened stage.

What a great guy too and plays guitar great too! So that’s why we hit it off!

Going for dinner tomorrow night, Saturday and really looking forward to enjoying some Monell’s fried chicken in Germantown….

Check out his products and buy them




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CAAS 2012 Chet Atkins Appreciation Society

tommy emmanuel martin taylor john knowles
Click for the best sounding thumbpick you’ll ever own! 

It’s that time of year again and so many people come to CAAS. (Chet Atkins Appreciation Society)

This, I believe, is my tenth year in a row that I’ve come to the event and I’ve been very fortunate to play the event for the last three years. CAAS was a great event for me and my dad to get together and hang. He passed in 2010 and going gives me a good memory of him and the legacy that he left me on the guitar.

My career owes a lot to CAAS. On my first year I met some English people, that became friends immediately. This eventually led me to a trip in 2008 to London and I got to perform for a finger style guitar club in Chesham.

In 2006 I produced my first cd and promoted it at CAAS, along with my arrangement of Sometimes in Life, which was featured in Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine. Now known as Fingerstyle 360.

On my first year I got to meet Mr. Tommy Emmanuel and jam with him for a good 30 minutes on the early morning. He gave me the name guitarlancer, which a lot of you know me by because of my email and website

CAAS brings people from all over the world! I’ve met so many finger style guitar players that it may drive someone crazy. I’m sure it has driven some wives quite crazy!

Here’s a list of people I’ve jammed for and met and became aquiantences with.

Tommy Emmanuel, John Knowles, Pat Kirtley, John StandaferNishi Nishiyama Takayuki, Bob Evans, Thom Bresh, Not to mention Keith Fletcher my English buddy, Ben Hall, Mark Pritcher is the president, Tony McManus (Love that guy!) Martin Taylor, Bob Saxton, Michael O’Dorn, John Goldie, Pete Huttlinger, Muriel Anderson, Edgar Cruz, Tim Thompson, Bill Piburn, Fred Kelly Picks, Adam Rafferty, Bobby Gibson, Nokie Edwards, Joe Robinson, Fred Gretcsh III, and many more as you can imagine.

If I’ve left you out and you’re reading this, let me know I’ll give you some props too:)!

I’ve become quite the finger style guitarist as a result of being a member of CAAS and taking in all that I could!

There is also guitar builders there that display there instruments. People such as Kirk Sand guitars, Gretsch, Maton, Travis, Stonebridge, Morris, Beard Guitars, Benedetto Guitars

It’s a great event and one to return to.

Check it out at

Feel free to comment and ask questions..

Here’s some videos of me performing at CAAS 2012

“The Violet Song”


Don’t Worry Be Happy


California Girls


Here’s a picture of me and long time friends Tommy Emmanuel and Kevin Hayes.

I brought Kevin because he’s a huge Tommy fan! He really Enjoyed the concert!

Frank Vignola and Vinny Raniolo were outstandingly hilarious entertainers! And phenomenal guitar playing!

Tommy has been a big influence on my ongoing guitar career. I compose many of my own original compositions and Tommy and many other people from Chet Convention have inspired them.

Tommy Emmanuel guitar lessons

Frank Vignola and Vinny Raniolos are here and they are some of the fastest acoustic Django riff playing guitarist I’ve ever heard. So clean and effortless!

They were very entertaining! Click the picture for there youtube channel and watch some of there performances!

Excellent guitarist fastes in the world

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Here is a panoramic shot by Chuck Thompson, who is one of my guitar students!

Here is a link to his site where there are other panoramic shots. You should definitely check it out