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Skye Boat Song Fingerstyle Guitar tablature

I’ve put the work in and now have the tablature available for

“Skye Boat Song”

It’s a very lovely arrangement using DADGAD tuning.

My wife, Twila, is a super fan of Outlander! I’m not kidding! She has the books, loves the show, the story and everything Outlander! I made this arrangement for guitar as a tribute to my wife’s addiction to everything Outlander.

Hope you enjoy learning it. There is a video below. The tablature follows my recording of the tune, available on my album “String Poet” and in the video at the bottom

Just $5 is a good cup of coffee and a learning experience! šŸ™‚

SKYE BOAT SONG Tablature $5Ā Add to Cart

The String Poet, Lance Allen

Hello everyone! Thanks for being subscriber here!

I’ve released my new album with no idea ho sell are going, but hopefully they’re going well on iTunes.

Here’s a link in case you missed it. Don’t forget to rate it and leave a review as that may help me in the big list of music.

Also have put out a couple of new videos from my new home in the living room.

Hope you can enjoy these.

For those of you interested. I’m playing my Takamine EF75 with Brazilian rosewood. Such a Special guitar! I recorded the video with the Zoom Q8 recorder with an AKG c3000 mic plugged directly into camera. Turned out really nice.

Don’t forget to visit my new, sister site,

Takamine P7NC for sell

Hey all. I’m selling this beauty of a guitar.

All solid woods. Rosewood, spruce, maple binding. Ebony fingerboard. Upgrade string pins Tusq. Easy to play awesome guitar with the Cool Tube preamp.

It’s in great condition. If you’re interested in it, email me

Askin $1800 OBO Shipped in US only.

img_4895 img_4896 img_4897 img_4898 img_4899 img_4900 img_4901 img_4902 img_4903 img_4904

Met kickstarter goal in 1 day

I met my kickstarter goal in one day YAY!

Ok, I set a lower budget knowing that, but wanted to reach about $2500 for this, so if you get the chance to show your support, here’s the link again.

Thanks a bunch and look forward to sharing my new project with you!

What has Lance been up too?!?!?


Hey everyone! It has been a while since I have posted a blog post! I thought I might share with you a little of what I have been up to lately.

This morning I had breakfast and a jam session with Ben Clark. Some of you may know of him as Banjo Ben. Here’s what he does.. He teaches like me, but on a subscription based site and does a great job at it! He’s a super fun guy and I really enjoyed our conversation and jam. I’ve considered doing this myself, but haven’t bit the bullet yet. More to come.. with Banjo Ben too, as we’re going to plan a thing we can do together that will be fun and educational.

I recently went to Nashville Indiana and competed in the

Indiana State Fingerstyle Guitar Contest.Ā 

I prepared and prepared, and worked hard, but didn’t even make it to the top 5, however I did snag the peoples choice award. It was no slouch of a prize at all.



For a long time I’ve wanted a telecaster guitar, and I’ve been that only lonely fella in Nashville with out one! Ā lol!

Now I have this beautiful custom made guitar by SDC Guitars of Indianapolis!

SDC Guitars
4357 W. 96th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46268

Scott Campbell and Chuck Wills were gracious enough to put together this lovely guitar, which is now one of my favorite electrics!

“It’s very slick, with Warmoth Licensed T-type replacement neck, “Modern Vintage” style. 1 11/16″ nut width, with a ’59 Les Paul back carve. It’s a little chunkier than most Fender necks, but fits nicely in the palm. It should strike a nice balance between fingerstyle and other electric type playing. The frets are medium jumbo, and it’s a nice hard birdseye maple wood.
The body is a medium weight ash with transparent black finish. Everything was hand fitted by Scott for a tight fit and mirror finish. Chose to not do a pick guard since the wood was so pretty. In choosing the neck and body combo, one of us said out loud “we want it to look pretty bad ass, like something David Gilmour would play”…. so you got trans black and maple!

Hardware all came from Stewmac:
Oak/Grigsby 4-way switch with series/parallel wiring, CTS Pots, Orange Drop cap, vintage style tuners, compensated brass saddles.

The pickups are Lindy Fralin Blues tele pickups. I had played these before and knew they would be able to pull off both a traditional Tele sound as well as push the amp for more modern styles. In the series switch position they are wired like a humbucker and give a thick tone that really grinds through an overdrive pedal or turned up amp. The control plate is reversed so that it’s easier to do volume swells.”


Here’s a shoutout to the winners at Indiana

1st Place Ali Deniz Kardelen

2nd Place Jonathan Brown

3rd Place Jeff FosterĀ 

Now that I’ve competed in Indiana I’ll be headed off to Winfield Kansas to compete in the much bigger contest! I enjoy going there win or not, so I’ll give it my best. That’s all you can ever ask for out of a person right?

OK So recently I got involved with the Faith Guitar brand. Lovely guitars at a fraction of the cost of it’s similar competitors.


I was hired to create some video demonstrations of some of their guitar line! So far so good! One of the guitar I really like! It’s their MARS all Mahogany guitar!Ā 

These vids will be posted soon, but here is my sample I sent to them and a funny out take video you might like.


In November I’ll be heading to L.A. with Batson guitar brand. We’re taking part in the Taxi Road rally event. That should be really awesome networking for me and what not. I’ll be playing and showing off the new model of Batson guitars as well as drinking coffee and hanging out with other songwriters..

I’m also in the works of making a new cd of original guitar music. Thinking on doing another kickstarter to help with the fundraising and all. Ā I’ll keep you posted.

And as always, thanks for reading my blog entry. If you ever have any direct questions for me or want lessons, or chat about guitars, coffee, or life, shoot me an email!


Busy Fingerstyle Guitarist Here

Good Day everyone!

I’ve been busy!

Writing tons of new material and getting ready to share with the world. I’ve been posting some new videos and arrangements you can listen to below.

Soon I will be doing another Kickstarter to help presale and market my new album. Their will be some very cool things to happen there!

Here is a tune I wrote for my wife Twila Joy. This is a beautiful waltz, “Waltz With Joy”

Here’s one I wrote for a Friend, Scott Bravo. I left the initial out takes in there because sometimes it’s funny. When Scott and I hang out it’s always funny! It’s a work in process and is getting tighter!

Here is my arrangement of “Our God is Greater” by Chris Tomlin

I play guitar in church a lot and do a lot of strumming of tunes like this. I just came up with this for fun and hope you can enjoy as well.

Lastly, I’ve revamped and recorded my arrangement of the lovely tune, Rainbow Connection

Be on the look out for me promoting my kickstarter soon.

I’m preparing for the Indiana guitar contest last of July and also have some work coming my way with the Faith Guitar company.

Here’s a look at a Faith Guitar