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New Gig bag for my guitar!

Today I recieved a new gig bag for my guitar.

It’s important to keep your guitar safe and secure when traveling.

My friend and co-guitarist, Rob Higginbotham,

mentioned his interest in Mono cases.

I went on and got one and it is a fantastic guitar gig bag.

Most gig bags are not like this, but this one will drop to the floor,

and my guitar is completely safe.

Check out there cases!


Videoing students today

So I videod a couple of my students today. Not only is it a great way to market my business, but it is an excellent way to get the student motivated!

This is of a 9yr Old playing really great and working hard on strumming and chord changing.

This one is of a younger girl who is playing single notes really well!

This is one of my ukulele students busting out some bad chops on Oh my darlin Clemetine.