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The Old Time Pickin’ Parlor Nashville, TN


best guitar lessons in nashville TN area


I got to visit this new music store in Nashville, TN. I found out about it while playing guitar at the famous Antique Archaeology, which is next door. Located inside the Marathon Motor Works factory on Clinton St. near downtown Nashville.

I was really impressed with the old time look and hardwood floors. The banjos were really nice and there was few really nice acoustic guitars and mandolins for sale. Not to mention the lap dulcimer and a hammered dulcimer. There was a really nice place to pick with friends.. I think I’m going to make this a hang out next time I go into town without my son. Landon is cool, but he’s not quite cool with me jamming just yet. Patience son! 🙂

Here are a few pictures that I snapped and I would recommend anyone to stop by and say hello and check it out.  Don’t forget to like them on Facebook!



Mandolin Lessons by Lance Allen

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If you want to learn guitar, mandolin, bass, or ukulele, please get in touch with me. I’m very experienced on the Skype video and webcam lessons and have taught people all over the world.

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Takamine TC135SC Acoustic Electric Nylon String Guitar

Hey Everyone! I got a TC135SC acoustic electric guitar a while back and did a nice video of the guitar.

I kinda look funny in the first video, but then there is the second one which is more basic and you can hear the sound of the guitar acoustically and the plugged in.

Kind of a neat guitar meant for finger style guys like myself who want a nylons string but maybe not the tradition 2 inches at the nut. This particular guitar too has a nice cutaway and 24 frets. I’ll be able to shred with that! Just kidding, but seriously this is a cool guitar and I wanted to write a blog post about it.

Since I’ve become a Takamine Clinician and endorsee I’ve gotten really familiar with some of there pro line of guitars that are handmade in their factory in Sakashita, Japan in the foothills of the Takamine mountain. I hope to one day get to do a trip there documenting the guitar company and how they came to be. Perhaps even meeting some of the existing family that started the company. My wife, Twila, would love to go on this trip!  For now enjoy my demonstration and review of the Takamine TC135SC guitar.





You can purchase this guitar at a Takamine Authorized Dealer.

Or you can follow this link and get one from Amazon.

Takamine Guitar teacher and Clincian


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Why I love G7th Guitar Capos

So today I got in the mail a new G7th Guitar Capo. This time with my aka name guitarlancer engraved in it.

Cool guitar tool capo g7th

Needless to say, I’m a happy guy!


Thanks to Seamus Brady and Nick Campling for the hook-ups over the years! You have a great product!!

Here are some reasons why I love the G7th Capo.

  • They’re a courteous company. Always nice to me at trade shows and in emails and even promote me as a G7th user!
  • They go on your guitar very easily and do not put your guitar out of tune.
  • They look great on your guitar! I have the matte finish silver one, and a glossy gold one, and they both look fantastic on my guitar!
  • There is not harsh tone exhibited from the rubber clamp, it’s a perfect warm sound and consistent.


Here’s a link to the G7th Website.

You can buy them from your favorite local store, or email me and I can get you one as I’m an authorized reseller of there products.


For more info on Skype guitar lessons, hit my page up and shoot me an email. I also teach guitar in Smyrna TN and would love to meet any local Nashville, Murfreesboro, Antioch, Nolensville, La Vergne, or Mt Juliet people looking for a quality guitar instructor.

I also teach ukulele, mandolin, harp guitar, and bass.

Lance Allen Studio

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Guitar and coffee does have something in common!

So a lot of you know me and know that I love coffee! Years ago it was widely known that musicians and beer go well together. Not that it still doesn’t, but now coffee and musicians have a strong connection.

A lot of my musician friends are hip and drinking coffee and espresso drinks is a hip thing to do. So they do mix pretty well. Plus I really believe coffee brings out happiness in people. Probably because of the caffeine content. 🙂

I have this saying.. Set back, relax, and have a cup of coffee.  Especially on days that I’m feeling low, coffee is a great perk.

So with all that said, I love going to coffee houses and trying different drinks, espressos, and pour-over type coffee. Some of my favorites in Nashville TN area are Roast Inc. Crema, Frothy Monkey, and Just Love Coffee in Murfreesboro.

Today I visited a new coffee shop in East Nashville as a referral by one of my coffee buddies, Ian Riley. The new place is called Barista Parlor. Twila was there too, of course!

They have a really cool set up in what appears to be and old garage. The tables are made of really pretty hardwoods. The Chemistry of coffee places, Barista Parlor is a top notch place to visit, hang with friends, and buy some really darn good coffee.

Some of there offerings are as follows:

Slayer + multiple roasters + multiple brew methods handcrafted by-the-cup = Barista Parlor

Slayer Espresso
Coffee: Stumptown, Coava Coffee, Counter Culture, Madcap, Sightglass, Intelligentsia. Chocolate: Mast Bros, Olive and Sinclair, Dick Taylor, Sweeteeth, Askinosie, Taza
Breakfast Menu from Porter Road Butcher, The Bloomy Rind, Dozen Bakery, Foxy Baking.

Barista Parlor Facebook.

Here are some pictures that me and my 3 year old son took while visiting..

Let me know what you think by posting a comment or subscribing to the blog. Occasionally I’ll throw a post on about coffee and my love for the drink!

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Sweetwater GearFest blog from Takamine Endorsee, Lance Allen

I got the opportunity to go to Sweetwater GearFest and demonstrate and answer questions about Takamine Guitars, the hardest working guitar in the music business.

Takamine Acoustic guitar booth

The Sweetwater employees were top notch and knowledgeable about all the products.

Their facility there in Ft. Wayne Indiana was incredible. I wanted to share my experience with photos and links!

I met a photographer first night I got there. They saw this shipping container and thought it would be a great picture of me holding my guitar “Mojo”

Photo by Craig Fisher

Takamine Guitar and Guitar Teacher

Here is a Gibson Guitar Tour Bus that people were allowed to go on and tour. I didn’t go on but I did check out the Gibson Guitar Booth!Les Paul Touring Bus

This was a Handful of Gibson guitars, including the L5, 335’s and some others.

Look at all those Les Paul guitars!!






This Was the Gibson Tour Bus Trailer filled with Historic I imagine expensive guitars!






    What’s a guitar show without Marshall Amplifiers???

They had a nice and loud booth!










PRS Guitars has some pretty Sweet Guitars at the Show!







This was Pretty interesting seeing a Metallica Road case. I mean, How often do you see these?









Sweetwater was a really great place. They had there own cafeteria, music school, and music store and even a fitness and health club along with a racquet ball court. Must be a great place to work!


















free guitar restringing

























Another fun trip that Takamine Had me go on.

Thanks to Bob Gilligan, the Northern area sales rep, I got to go and we had a great time. One of the guys I met, was the Bose PA System marketing rep, Tom Beier. I also met a really cool fella whose plays Cordoba nylon stringed guitars, named Marcelo Berestovoy. He was kinda like the character from No Country for Old Men. He was a guitar player for Ricky Martin. Also got to meet Marc Seal, who has a guitar lesson TV show in L.A. He was the Taylor guitar promoter and clinician.  I may need to do show here in Nashville where I teach guitar and have famous Nashville guitar guest etc.

There may an opportunity for me to play on a Bose PA System and promote there products. Got to see a friend while there, Michael Farley. He took a simple idea and marketed it into a world phenomenon, a musicians light clip!

I made Contacts, had fun, and made some money, so it was definitely a good gig!

If you made it to the end of this blog, then you get a laugh with this next picture of me not-so-gracefully planking in front of a high power air conditioner!

Smyrna TN Guitar lessons Best guitar teacher in the area

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Favorite G-Series Takamine Acoustic Guitar

Hey Guys I got this guitar in today and wanted to share with you why it is my favorite Takamine G-Series acoustic guitar.

  • Solid Cedar top provides nice warm overtones.
  • Satin Finish allows for louder volume and nicer tone.
  • Geared tuners for accurate tuning
  • string through bridge helps with guitars volume
  • 1 5/8″ at nut allows for easy playing guitar
  • Great Set up right out of the box!

Designed and built under the supervision of Takamine’s head luthiers, G-Series guitars are created to serve all players from the hobbyist to professional. The GS330S dreadnought is known throughout the industry as the best playing acoustic guitar at this price level. Features a solid cedar top for a warm, deep resonant tone while the ultra light satin finish adds to the overall resonance of the guitar. The mahogany neck and dual action adjustable tension rod keeps the guitar playing true no matter what the environment. A super fast neck and amazing tone make this our most popular G-Series guitar.

ToneRite Guitar Enhancer Product Review


If you have a solid top guitar and want it to tighten up and sound better, the ToneRite is worth the investment. If you’re a guitar builder, you should be using these to make your guitars open up and sound better, before they are shipped.

They are a pricey little item, but you can get that much value back into your guitar in just one week of continuous use.

I’ve used it on all my guitars! It’s a really fabulous device and will open up your instrument and sound more like a guitar that has been played for years.

Visit ToneRite’s site for a full detailed description of there product and buy one or two!


acoustic guitar instrument tone enhancer


PART 1 of Video Review

Buy one from there site, and use this code at check out


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Two Old Hippies

I visited Two Old Hippies today in Nashville, TN. What a treat to go into this place and set down and play some excellent guitars, and check out some hip and really cool clothing and hippy accessories. Definitely a cool place!

2OH is owned and operated by Mr. Tom Bedell, who is a super nice guy. I got to meet him in my trip to California when I was demonstrating for Takamine Guitars at the Guitar Center retreat.

So if you like acoustic guitars this is a place you will want to visit if you’re in Nashville. Not to mention all the really cool stuff in there! They have hacky sacks, and trendy clothing and the type of shirts you play gigs in. That’s what I’m talking about! They also have a stage that band play and songwriters, and even open mic for kids that play instruments!

The wall is full of guitars. Here are some brands that I saw in there that you can play and check out

What a cool chair to jam on!

english seat hippy

A neat set-up here! And one cool hip guitar case!

hippy guitar case neat decoration

This is a Batson Guitar. One of the Best Acoustic Guitars made! The Sound hole is on the side.

This allows the top to vibrate with more frequency response. I’ve played several Batson guitars

over the years and you can see me play them on youtube.


handmade acoustic guitar instrument

Lowden Guitars are also a favorite acoustic guitar of mine. I hope to own one someday.

They have a really nice woodsy, organic sound. A thin finish allows fantastic sound and unique voice.


Fancy Acoustic Guitar Stuff and handmade instruments


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The Time Jumpers

Twila and I got to finally go see the Time Jumpers in Nashville this Monday. The Time Jumpers is a fantastic Western Swing band consisting of 3 violinist, drums, upright bass, steel guitar, accordion, 3 guitar players, and a female singer. Everyone in the band has a history in the Nashville music scene.

Vince Gill is even a member of the band! Well, it was outstanding evening. I got to see a few friends while there. Pete Huttlinger and his wife, Erin, were both in the crowd. I’m really proud of Pete, who has amazingly recovered from major heart issues in the last year.

I saw and spoke with Andy Reiss, who is a member of the band. We did a gig a long time ago at a fair in Lebanon. It wasn’t the greatest of gigs, but hey it’s all good. I believe Andy played guitar with Reba for a good bit.

I also saw in the crowd Jack Pearson. Jack played guitar for the Allman Brothers and is a fabulous slide guitar player. Make sure that you check all these people out.

Vince Gill Time Jumpers 3rd and Lindsley

More on guitar lessons with Lance Allen visit lessons.

I can teach you music like this and the style of music that the Time Jumpers play.


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Skype Lessons today

So you know now that I teach skype all over! On Thursdays  I teach in St. Louis, and Henryville, Indiana.

My student, Steve in St Louis, has been learning some really cool stuff lately. He’s been taking lessons for a while now and has improved greatly! So much that he is even gigging and singing at a Wine Bar. Now that’s cool! We’ve learned some Paul Simon, John Mayer, Cat Stevens, and Plain White Tees, plus lots of scales and techniques that he’ll be using.

Turn the compass, now we’re in Indiana with my new friend, Larry! Larry is an engineer, and he loves the fingerstyle guitar music of Chet Atkins, Tommy Emmanuel, and Jerry Reed. He was a referral from Eddie Pennington. Eddie is a great guitarist himself who has been an influential part in keeping the art of thumbstyle guitar alive. Back to Larry… I have been teaching him how to play Tommy Emmanuel’s “The Man With The Green Thumb” by Tommy Emmanuel. So far so good. Keep up the good work Larry!

If you’re interested in doing skype guitar lessons with me, email me. If you play a little but want to get better, too busy to go to a music store or studio to take lessons, then I may be a compatible fit for you and the best of it all is you can take lessons from your home or office. I’ve helped lots of professional people get better on the guitar!, or fill out this form.

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