A nice little visit to Gallagher Guitars in Wartrace, TN

Handmade Acoustic guitars for bluegrass and fingerstyle players


I got the opportunity to visit Gallagher Guitars in Wartrace TN. My son, Landon and I made a field trip down to the place where they make guitars.

The place was as authentic and vintage as there guitars. The company started building guitars in 1965 in an old down town-type building, right on the square, across from the railroad tracks.  Stephen Gallagher, son of Don G. gave us the nickel tour. We visited the room where they dried the wood, which was really warm! Here they dried tops and backs, braces, and necks. I also got to play a couple of really nice sounding guitars while Landon played tricks with the house pet dog, Buddy.

The drive to their shop was just beautiful countryside. I recommend a visit any time!

Here’s a link to there official youtube channel.


Old Caboose in Wartrace

WArtrace TN history

Gallagher Sunburst guitar

This machine sands the tops of the guitars. As you can imagine there were lots of other types of jigs that help to make a guitar.

Sounbd boards, necks, and backs, sides

Doc Watson Picture

Some of the first Gallagher Guitars made.

 Here is a nice video tour of Stephen talking about history of Gallagher Guitars