2014 Happenings

Hey Everyone! Sorry I haven’t wrote in a while. I’ve been busy teaching, writing, recording and promoting.

  • I recently took a trip to East Long Island Orient Point, and hung out with my friend George Giannaris who is my greek bro, and owns a very tasty restaurant called The Hellenic. It’s a famous eatery up in that area and very delicious greek food. We recorded some instrumental music to be played at his restaurant and enjoyed visiting and eating!
  • I’ve been also getting a lot of attention on Pandora radio. I have my own station http://www.pandora.com/lance-allen and I enjoy discovering new artist that they think are similar to me. It’s very cool to have Tommy Emmanuel, Pat Kirtley, and one of my new favorites, Ed Gerhard. Feel free to create a Lance Allen station to help get the music rated higher and higher.
  • I’m also considering making a new record in coming months. I have discovered some old tunes of mine that are perfect for the way I play.
  • Lessons are going great. Been keeping a full schedule of folks. Skype is picking up too. I have only a few more states to go before I can actually say I’ve taught in all 50 states. That was a goal I made in the last couple of years. If you know some folks living in the midwest states Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, North and South Dakota Kansas… Those are about the only ones I have left go .
  • I also have a new addition on the way to the family. Looking forward to having a new band member. 🙂